Haahtela TVD – About us

Our mission at Haahtela TVD is to turn the construction and real estate industries into goal-oriented and well-managed operation. We want to make those things measurable that have before been considered impossible to predict. Our goal in everything is that the buildings last longer while meeting both the resources and the needs of the customer.




The ELY Center of Häme has granted a company development grant for Haahtela TVD from the European Regional Development Fund under the Act on State Grants for Business Development (9/2014).

Who are we?

Haahtela on vuonna 1975 professori Yrjänä Haahtelan perustama perheyritys, jonka tavoitteena on Our company has grown into a group of more than 40 professionals, consisting of innovative and ambitious experts from various fields such as architecture, technical physics, programming and construction. Our passion for the development of the industry has led to the situation where we are the leading developer of algorithm-assisted simulation modeling in the construction and real estate industry.

What is Haahtela TVD?

The TVD simulation model is the world’s first algorithm-based software that makes visible the consequences of decisions regarding the construction project and real estate and is able to predict the future.

With the help of the simulation model, the decision-maker can see the consequences of his or her important decisions while still being able to influence the final results. TVD models any building with minimal initial data and refines to match the decisions made. Examining the consequences is possible from the scale of business profitability down to the smallest details such as individual building components.

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