Construction Project Management

Do you want to guide your planning to realistic and understandable goals? Do you want an up-to-date snapshot of your project? All the information needed to manage the project is easily accessible in the TVD simulation model.

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There are more than enough moving parts in the construction project: the functions you want in the property, the layout regulations, the conditions of the lot, the necessary space functions, an estimate of the costs, total area, and carbon footprint. The simulation covers all steps from design to final cleaning.


rakennushankkeen ohjaus simulaatiolla auttaa mitoittamaan tilat oikein. Kuvassa toimistotila.




1. Needs assessment

The simulation model starts with the actual purpose of the building and the spaces that this purpose requires. For example, in an office building, more important than the total area is that the spaces meet the requirements of information work.

How many workstations we need? What about the meeting rooms? With the help of the simulation model, you define the necessary functions and the spaces required by them and ensure that the project meets the user’s needs.

Once you know what is important to the user of the building, it is easy to define goals and focus on the essentials.

Kokonaan uuden kerrostalon suunnittelu ja rakennushankkeen ohjaus simulaatiolla

Target Budget



2. Project planning

For the success of the construction project, it is important to set a realistic goal. The simulation model allows you to evaluate the investment decision based on, for example, the cost of construction, the carbon footprint, and the profitability of the project.

The simulation model considers the space needs of both the user and the owner, the characteristics of the lot and the effects of the zoning factors on the property to be built. The resulting simulation includes all the necessary facilities, construction and engineering components, and the necessary production, such as building design and site assignments.

This gives you all the information you need to set and achieve goals.

Suunnittelun ohjaus kuten muukin rakennushankkeen ohjaus onnistuu simulaatioavusteisesti

Design Proposal and
Budget Difference



3. Design process

The simulation model helps you to find a design solution that meets your goals. It helps you steer both proposal and general design in the direction you want.

Component and system analysis based on a simulation model helps to find the right measures to develop plans and achieve goals.

rakentamisen ohjaus simulaatiolla

Building Frame Procurement
and Difference from Target Price



4. Construction management

The simulation model also helps you during the construction phase of the project. With the help of a simulation based on your plans, you create procurements and budgets based on the chosen implementation.

Procurement tracking in the system makes it easy to detect potential deviations and transparent in evaluating made decisions.

The simulation adapts to your choices in real time and helps you respond to potential changes in design during construction.

Here you can read more about how the simulation works.

Simulation-assisted construction management has already helped numerous projects succeed. The goals of the client are understood, and the time spent by the project team is reduced. The simulation model benefits all parties included in the project.

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