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Project Development

Do you want an analytical and well-explained analysis of your space requirements? Do you want all the parties of the project development to understand the needs of your operations? With TVD-simulation model, you will find a common language and vision for your project with all the parties included.

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Above all, the user of the property wants a building that is suitable for the operations and activities needed. There are however costs involved in acquiring and maintaining the spaces required for those activities. For the project to proceed as planned, facilities and costs must be balanced.


Target Occupancy Rate



1. Analysis of the operations

By analyzing your activities and operations, you make the organization’s space requirements measurable. The simulation model describes the facilities in an analytical format, which allows you to plan the current and future usage rates and times for each space.

Operations analysis helps you to identify the real space requirements of the operations and enables the planning of the spaces for the desired use.

rakennushankkeen ohjaus simulaatiolla auttaa mitoittamaan tilat oikein. Kuvassa toimistotila.




2. Space requirements

When it comes to simulating the needed spaces, you first choose the needed function and then simulate the space requirements for those functions. Once the connection between the activity and the spaces has been made measurable, you can prioritize the spaces based on the functional value. An approach that transparently integrates the facilities and the users will help increase the value generated by the spaces and focus on essential functions, both in already existing buildings and in new construction projects.

Collaboration Space



5 People

3. Space optimization

By optimizing the use of your spaces, you can easily find out if there are spaces that are underutilized. Based on the outcomes of the simulation, you may want to consider for example directing the similar operations to the same spaces or extending your operating times. Based on the simulation, you can also identify opportunities that will help you to increase the capacity of those spaces.

Optimizing space usage will help you get the most out of your existing property or to design more efficient spaces for your organization’s needs.

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Hundreds of organizations have already benefited from our project development. Simulating the spaces for specific functions has led to more efficient operations and more optimized use of space – and often at lower cost.

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