Real Estate Evaluation

Do you want to objectively determine the value of your properties? Do you want to calculate building’s carbon footprint for its entire life cycle? With the TVD simulation model, you can easily find out all the key figures of the building.

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The profitability, value and carbon footprint of the properties are the necessities when it comes to real estate evaluation. The simulation model automatically calculates the key metrics of your property and helps you understand the cause-and-effect relations behind them.


Kiinteistöjen arviointi ja kiinteistön arvon määrittäminen

Market Value



1. Determining the value of the property

With the help of the simulation model, you can reliably determine the current price and the market and investment values ​​of your property. The software simulates a building and gives you the estimate of the current price based on the current condition of the building and on a simulated repair program for it.

The program determines market and investment values ​​using the return value method, which is based on the simulated cash flow for the property. This is affected, for example, by the income received from tenants.

Maan arvon määrittäminen on osa kiinteistöjen arvioinnin prosessia. Kuvassa tyhjä tontti.

Lot Value



2. The price of the lot

The land value is affected by many factors. The location of the lot and the appeal of the surrounding area are the most important factors influencing the price of the lot. When the lot is easily accessible and the environment is pleasant, the land value is clearly higher than in more remote, less appealing area.

In addition, the buildability, and the building right for the lot are an integral part of the formation of the price of the lot. The simulation model takes all these aspects into account when determining the land value. This will give you a reliable estimate of the price of the lot.

Kiinteistön hiilijalanjälki on yksi työkalu, kun tarkastelussa on kiinteistöjen arviointi.

Carbon Footprint




3. The carbon footprint of the building

The carbon footprint is increasingly one of the guiding factors when evaluating your real estate. Whether it is an existing building or a newly planned project, the simulation reliably calculates the carbon footprint of a building.

The carbon footprint calculated using the simulation model considers not only the carbon footprint related to the use of the building, but also all the emissions related to the building materials and the construction phase. In this way, the result is comprehensive and reliable.

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Simulation-assisted real estate evaluation has already helped in numerous evaluations made before the project, as well as in the evaluations of large real estate masses.

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