Real Estate Management

Do you want to get a profound and up-to-date overview of the condition of your properties? Do you want to know the future renovation needs of your property in advance? With the TVD simulation model, you simulate the entire life cycle of your real estate property and can plan your investment decisions based on real knowledge.

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Managing large real estate assets can seem complicated when all the available information is found from different places and there are many properties to manage. With the simulation model, you manage the data of all your assets in one place and can see an estimate of the profitability of your real estate property as well as the estimation of the upcoming renovation costs.


Kiinteistöomaisuuden hallintaan kuuluu olennaisesti kiinteistön kannattavuuden arviointi

Rate of Return


1. Profitability assessment

The simulation model is used to transparently determine the market value, investment value and target rent or rate of return on your property. The model reliably determines the market and investment values ​​of a building using the return value method, which is based on the simulated cash flow of the property. When combined with the simulated repair program of the building and the maintenance costs simulated for the whole life cycle of the property, the profitability of the building can be determined comprehensively.

The profitability assessment created with the help of the simulation model identifies future risks and helps you to spot the potentially unprofitable buildings. With the help of the data gathered from the simulation, you manage real estate assets more purposefully and make well-informed investment decisions.

Elinkaaren ja korjausohjelman simulointi on olennaista kiinteistöomaisuuden hallinnassa

Renovation Price



2. Life cycle and the repair program

The simulation model allows you to simulate the whole life cycle of your buildings and identify all the needed repairs in advance. The simulation model creates a building-specific plan for estimated repairs and renovations. With this repair program, you can prepare for future investment needs already years in advance.

With TVD’s lifecycle and renovation program, you can easily see the future needs of your entire real estate asset and make better and more targeted investment decisions.

Kiinteistön ylläpitotoimien suunnittelu ja kiinteistön hoito ovat tärkeitä investointeja, kun hallitaan suurta kiinteistöomaisuutta

Usage and maintenance



3. Planning of the maintenance

There are always costs associated with maintaining a property, the most typical costs are for example electricity consumption or heating. With the help of the simulation model, you can also predict the impact of maintenance-related activities on the profitability of the property and optimize the needed actions for the entire life cycle of the building.

The target calculated based on the simulated building is a good starting point for estimating the costs and planning for future activities.

You can read more about the simulation model here.

Simulation based real estate management helps you to see the profitability of your properties and optimize future activities. The simulation will give you all the information you need to make better and well-informed investment decisions.

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